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Dust Mites and Pets can cause Allergies!

Dust Mites and Pets are the 2 main allergens in the home! We can help with that!

Allergy Relief Carpet Cleaning Nashville TN

Big Bear Floor Care of Nashville is the expert Allergy Relief Cleaning Company in Nashville, TN!

The two main allergens found in homes today are Dust Mites and our beloved Pets. Most people who are allergic to their pet(s) are not going to remove them because that would be like removing a family member. The only way to live with pet allergies is to reduce the number of allergens in the home environment so that the symptoms will be reduced. We can help alleviate allergies with our green cleaning process & by the way we clean, using the Big Bear Truck.

Allergens can be in carpets, upholstery, mattresses and bedding, pillows and throughout the home, on pets and even on clothing or hair. Dust mites can never be eliminated because they keep regenerating themselves. They feed off of dead human skin cells and our beds give them good food and drink to thrive on. If a pet stays indoors the allergens will remain there too. Even if a pet is removed from the home the allergens can stay indoors for 2-6 months. Our cleaning process, when scheduled properly, helps reduce the allergens in your home. If you want relief from your allergies then call Big Bear Floor Care today! A clean home is a healthy home!

We have products specifically designed for allergy sufferers.  Big Bear Floor Care of Nashville uses Earth One Cleaners & Procyon Professional products on carpets, rugs and upholstery.  These products are Green Seal Certified, Hypoallergenic and SOA Approved through the Carpet & Rug Institute.  We also use MasterBlend's Responsible Care System for anti-allergen cleaning and treatment of mattresses, carpeting, upholstered furniture, rugs and window treatments.  And, we have other green products that we use for cleaning different situations.  We alter our cleaning for every cleaning need and situation, because every home is different!


Allergy Relief Green Carpet Cleaning