I have heard many clients say that they think hard surface floors, whether tile or hardwood floors, are much cleaner and don’t have the germs that carpet has.  That is so far from the truth….and we clean them all so we are not biased on carpet!  Carpet does act like a filter and if you use it without doing proper maintenance then it can hold a lot of dirt, among other things.  But, hard surface floors are dirty too, if not dirtier than carpet.  Most tend to neglect hardwood floors and tile until it looks bad, which has waited too long, just like with carpet and worn areas.  Point is, everything requires maintenance and no matter what type of flooring you have it will still have the same dirt & traffic on it that you normally have in your home.  Hard surfaces have bacteria, dust and dirt as well as carpet.  Just do the maintenance it needs, before it looks bad to keep it looking good and lasting longer.  It’s all about personal preference!  Some people prefer hardwood floors, but then have rugs to give them the warm and fuzzy feeling they usually get with carpet.  Some like tile or stone and a mixture of flooring throughout the house.  We can clean it all!

We are the Greener Cleaner in Nashville, TN and Surrounding counties!

We believe in doing what we can to improve our environment & not impact it in a negative way.  Of course, there is no way that you can be completely, 100% green, but we try in every way to do what we can the Greener Cleaner!

If we can give you the ultimate clean and get your carpet the cleanest possible, in the greenest way, it will not prematurely be put in the landfill.  The equipment, business practices and products that we use make us the “Greener Cleaner”…….. We are green in our personal life and business practices as well!

In our household, we have 3 containers for curbside recycling where most only have 1 container in the neighborhood and we are lucky if they put it out for the company to pick up.  When we did our kitchen remodel we wanted to use and buy the most energy efficient appliances & materials to make the kitchen as up to date as possible.  We buy organic at the grocery store and pay more to do that, but I know its better for our family (including our pets), health and the environment.  We have a passion for living healthy & being eco friendly!



Sometimes we all put something on the stove and leave it…. then we forget about it!  So, we either smell something burning or hear a fire alarm go off.  Thankfully we don’t usually start a fire, but we do end up with the worst smell from the pan fire.  In this case, WE can help you!  We specialize in getting rid of odors from pets, smoke & cooking odors, among others.  We use a special machine with a cartridge that will run in your home, while you still live there.  Unlike using Ozone, a thing of the past, this can be used around people.  You don’t need to move out!  This saves your nose, you don’t have to move out or stay at a hotel and best of all the smell is gone!

Wow!  This year is flying by!  I can’t believe it’s already October, well except for the weather and leaves turning…ha!  The next 3 months are usually our “busy” time of the year.  The weather makes people want to get things indoors cleaned and that’s where we come in.  We can help you have a healthy environment & can handle any cleaning situation your home requires.

REMINDER:  We always recommend that you replace your entry mats at every exterior door location at the start of Fall!  Then, change them out at every change of the season.  This helps you keep more of the dirt outside instead of tracking it inside!

It’s Fall Y’all!  Now is the perfect time to get your indoor environment cleaned up so that you can spend more quality time indoors once the weather turns cold.  We can help by green cleaning your Carpet, Upholstery, Leather, Rugs, Mattresses, Tile & Grout and Hardwood floors.  If you have pets then we can rid you off the pet odors too.  When we clean mattresses that helps you get a good night’s sleep and who doesn’t want that?!?  Call us today to get an early start to Fall Cleaning!

We are thrilled to say that we now have a “Green” Protector that we have been using for over a year now.  It is exceeding our expectations and holding up to foot traffic, spots and spills and the best part is…..its GREEN!!!   So, when you have us clean for you, we now apply the new Green Guard and you can rest assured that we are doing all we can to improve your indoor environment and keep it on the Green Side!!!!  It’s not easy being Green…but we don’t mind!


You never know what cleaners are applying to your carpet.  Some charge and spray water only so you think protector doesn’t work.  Some dilute protector too much and you are not benefiting from having protector.  Others sell you protector and just put down whatever protector they can find for the cheapest price.  We always apply what we say, to the proper dilution ratings, using containers only for protector ~ never mixing other products in the same container and now we apply the best green protector on the market!  We never skimp on product, price or quality!



You cannot be a leader in the industry without education, even though it’s not required in our industry!  We have always believed in going to IICRC Certification Schools & to keep up with our Certifications we have to continue our education.  This week we all 3 will be in a Water Damage Restoration Class, which we have had half dozen times over the years, to stay up to date on technology and to attain CEC’s as well.  We are not even WDR Contractors anymore, but we still like to know what is going on in that part of the industry, just in case…ha!  We love our industry and always want to better our company, industry and learn new things!  It doesn’t matter how many times you take the same course, you still learn something new each time, learn about changes in the industry that you can incorporate or change in your company!


Written by:

Audra Hicks with Big Bear Floor Care – Master Textile Cleaner


Question from Robin:
Seriously. I need to know why carpets get so stinking dirty. enlighten me. I know you are a PROFESSIONAL but i must have scrubbed an old carpet an hr and it wasn’t the first time. same carpet and I know its not fully clean. Why????? thx girl
Because after i get done, a few weeks later the dirt just comes back up through.
Thanks for your question Robin!  Most of the time carpet will attract dirt when someone uses a home unit with high pH chemicals to clean.  The small machines do not have the power to extract what has been put down on the carpet and they are not being properly rinsed with the proper rinsing agents.  This will make the carpet feel sticky or get dirty faster …  cleaning everyone’s feet off as they walk across the carpet.   Same thing with spot cleaning carpet with improper spot removers which leave the residue to attract dirt!
Written by: Audra Hicks with Big Bear Floor Care

Happy Earth Day!  Every day is Earth Day for me.  You can take small steps in becoming more earth friendly in your household and every day life!  Here are a few steps in being more green:

1.  Turn lights off when not using them

2.  Change bulbs out to fluorescent or LED’s

3.  Unplug appliances and electronics that are not in use

4.  Recycle household product containers. (Rinse out empty jugs/containers so you don’t attract insects)

5.  Reuse glass containers to store food/beverages in

6.  Install an updated programmable thermostat for your A/C Unit

7.  Convection ovens are a great replacement for microwave ovens & also uses less electricity than the large oven that heats up the house.

8.  Have a greener indoor environment by replacing all of your household cleaning products with eco-friendly ones.

I recycle everything that I possibly can in our house so we are left with “maybe” 1 bag of trash a week or every other week.  We use eco-cleaning products in the house, use organic products without all of the harsh ingredients for body and skin care & buy organic foods.  Remember…You are what you eat!  :)