When buying a new home there are some things to look for when you are hunting for your dream home.  The first thing we tell our clients is if you go into a home and there is a smell of air fresheners or candles then tell them you want to come back at another time when those are not going.  Usually there is a reason & it could be that they are trying to hide an odor.  It could be pet urine odors or it could just be that they like a smell and nothing they are hiding, but it’s good to just be on the safe side.  We also have clients pay us to go into the home they are looking at to do a carpet & flooring consult.  We can find hidden things left “behind” from fur babies.  You would want to know before you make an offer on a house if there is something hiding.  If they have dirty carpet, hard surfaces, etc. then that makes you wonder what other maintenance has been put off, such as the air conditioning unit, roof, etc.  Its a good idea to hire a home inspector if you are serious about a  home.

If there is brand new carpet in an older home then I would ask why they replaced it?  If there was pet damage and then ask if they sealed the floor underneath and changed out the carpet pad.  Any hidden damage underneath can show up over several months of traffic, which could cost you money later.

The best time to have your carpet, hardwood floors and tile cleaned is before you move in.  You don’t want to live on someone else’s dirt!  :)


Wow!  This year is flying by!  I can’t believe it’s already October, well except for the weather and leaves turning…ha!  The next 3 months are usually our “busy” time of the year.  The weather makes people want to get things indoors cleaned and that’s where we come in.  We can help you have a healthy environment & can handle any cleaning situation your home requires.

REMINDER:  We always recommend that you replace your entry mats at every exterior door location at the start of Fall!  Then, change them out at every change of the season.  This helps you keep more of the dirt outside instead of tracking it inside!

Question from Robin:
Seriously. I need to know why carpets get so stinking dirty. enlighten me. I know you are a PROFESSIONAL but i must have scrubbed an old carpet an hr and it wasn’t the first time. same carpet and I know its not fully clean. Why????? thx girl
Because after i get done, a few weeks later the dirt just comes back up through.
Thanks for your question Robin!  Most of the time carpet will attract dirt when someone uses a home unit with high pH chemicals to clean.  The small machines do not have the power to extract what has been put down on the carpet and they are not being properly rinsed with the proper rinsing agents.  This will make the carpet feel sticky or get dirty faster …  cleaning everyone’s feet off as they walk across the carpet.   Same thing with spot cleaning carpet with improper spot removers which leave the residue to attract dirt!
Written by: Audra Hicks with Big Bear Floor Care

Happy Earth Day!  Every day is Earth Day for me.  You can take small steps in becoming more earth friendly in your household and every day life!  Here are a few steps in being more green:

1.  Turn lights off when not using them

2.  Change bulbs out to fluorescent or LED’s

3.  Unplug appliances and electronics that are not in use

4.  Recycle household product containers. (Rinse out empty jugs/containers so you don’t attract insects)

5.  Reuse glass containers to store food/beverages in

6.  Install an updated programmable thermostat for your A/C Unit

7.  Convection ovens are a great replacement for microwave ovens & also uses less electricity than the large oven that heats up the house.

8.  Have a greener indoor environment by replacing all of your household cleaning products with eco-friendly ones.

I recycle everything that I possibly can in our house so we are left with “maybe” 1 bag of trash a week or every other week.  We use eco-cleaning products in the house, use organic products without all of the harsh ingredients for body and skin care & buy organic foods.  Remember…You are what you eat!  :)


One question we get asked regularly: When should I clean my carpet?  We recommend cleaning “at Least” once a year whether you think it needs it or not… some rooms such as Master Bedrooms, Playrooms, Family Rooms may need more often.  You also take into consideration your traffic, whether you entertain a lot, allergies of people in your household, whether you have a pet, etc.  All of that will have an impact on your cleaning schedule! ~ Audra Hicks


With the change of the season, its a good time to change your entry door mat too!  Changing them out 3-4 times a year helps you keep the dirt out of your indoors.  So, we always tell our clients to remember doing this with the change of the seasons….. and there are some colorful Fall decorative rugs/mats!!!


Written by: Audra Hicks with Big Bear Floor Care

There are so many price ranges in our industry. Have you ever heard of “You get what you pay for”? Well that rings true in the carpet cleaning industry. Many cleaners are still charging what they did in the 70′s. Since our industry is not regulated so many jump into our industry & undercut everyone, run their equipment all day for nothing, don’t have insurance or can’t afford it, are uneducated, bait n switch (low price then when they get there price jumps), use inferior equipment & just simply don’t have the knowledge it takes to clean. The list goes on & on…so that’s where we come in. We have been in business for now 16 yrs. & as soon as we started began going to our Industry Related Certification Classes/Schools to regulate our company. We are all 3 Certified Master Cleaners which is the highest level trained…and attend our C.E.C. Courses to stay up to date on our training. We believe that if we stay on top of our education, give our clients the best in quality of service, have the latest equipment & treat our clients right then we can sleep at night knowing that we have done the best job we can! We can only do 1- 2 jobs a day to be able to produce the quality that we do where other companies can do more, even up to 12 – 14 jobs a day. We believe in quality NOT quantity!


Written by: Audra Hicks with Big Bear Floor Care

If you have family or friends that are high profile, such as celebrities, doctors, corporate owners, etc. then please remember to refer them to us for their cleaning needs. Our clients trust us to be in their home & also know that we can handle any cleaning situation. If they have wall to wall wool carpet, expensive rugs or the most delicate furnishings then we can take care of them. We give all of our clients the star treatment!!! :)

Organic is usually more expensive to buy but if you can afford it then it is always better for your family to eat! There are some things that you don’t have to buy organic if you would like to save some money…..

Onions – don’t see as many pest threats, which means less pesticide spraying. Look for firm onions when buying them.

Avocados – have thick skins that protect the fruit from pesticide build-up.

Corn – Sweet corn may take a lot of fertilizer to grow, but you’re unlikely to end up with any pesticides on the kernels.

Pineapple – You won’t be eating the tough pineapple skin, which protects the fruit from pesticide residue. As with all your produce, you should rinse the pineapple before cutting.

Mango – Sweet mango flesh is protected by its thick skin from pesticides. Still, you’ll want to rinse under water before cutting open.

Asparagus – face fewer threats from pests such as insects or disease, so fewer pesticides need to be used.

Peas – Sweet peas are among the least likely vegetables to have pesticide residue, according to the Environmental Working Group’s latest survey of government data.

Kiwi – the peel provides a barrier from pesticides. Give them a rinse before cutting.

Cabbage – doesn’t hold on to so many pesticides because a ton of spraying isn’t required to grow it. What it does hold onto is beta carotene: It’s a superfood!

Eggplant – Maybe it’s the thick skin, but eggplants are among the least likely to be contaminated by pesticides, according to the Environmental Working Group.

Papaya – Pesticide residue stays on papaya skin, but be sure to give them a wash before slicing open. Look for those that are slightly soft and show no signs of bruising or appear shriveled.

Watermelon – With that rind, watermelon has a natural defense against the onslaught of any chemical.

Broccoli – Conventional broccoli doesn’t retain so many pesticides because the crop faces fewer pest threats, which means less spraying.

Tomatoes – were on the 2008 Dirty Dozen list of foods with the most pesticide residue, but the latest update finds them cleaner than most. Why? The Environmental Working Group isn’t sure. If you don’t grow your own look for local farmers markets.

Sweet Potatoes – Not only are sweet potatoes unlikely to be contaminated with pesticides, they’re also a superfood, packed with Vitamin A and beta carotene.

Bear Tracks Tip of the Week: Did you know that wearing house shoes or “clean” socks in the home is better for your carpet than bare feet. You deposit all of your body oils onto the carpet which attract dirt over time…and this can’t be vacuumed out of your carpet it has to be cleaned out! :) Have a great day!