Sometimes you forget to mention some of the carpet situations until you are reminded by a phone call about a need to remedy a certain situation. We have cleaned new carpet many times because of the problem it can cause for people with sensitivities to certain chemicals that the carpet was made of.  We receive a phone call a few times a year about this situation…Last year a new client was experiencing headaches, sneezing, watery eyes….to name a few symptoms, when he gets on the carpet.

What you are breathing in is the volatile organic compounds, chemicals used in manufacturing, that are being released into the air. (Off gassing). Things such as BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene), formaldehyde, 4-phenylcyclohexine (4-PC), are just some of the bad things that you are probably breathing in.

We have cleaned many homes over the past 17 1/2 years where one of the family members have sensitivities to the “new carpet” smell. To help relieve the symptoms you should have the carpet hot water extracted & properly cleaned with the correct products!

We are a true “green” cleaner…we invested in the World’s Largest, Most Powerful Cleaning Machine…(the Big Bear Truck) and it allows us to use “green” products & have carpet dry to the touch before we leave your home because of the heat & power that it produces. We could not be that way when we used to have a smaller machine because the products didn’t clean well with the smaller machine. We specialize in clients that have allergies, asthma & chemical sensitivities.

Not everyone is allergic to their carpet though so don’t be alarmed…and we can usually remedy the problem when we come out to clean! :)


When you are looking for a professional carpet cleaning company you shouldn’t be motivated by just price.  There are some people that shop that way and you just have to understand that you get what you pay for…sometimes more or less, depending on the company.  Our industry is not regulated so there are all kinds of service companies.  Some will bait you in with a price, never intending to honor it, then you don’t find out until they arrive that it was only for using water with a portable machine.  Those are called bait and switch companies, which you find in every industry, not just the carpet cleaning industry.  There are so many unscrupulous, uneducated cleaners, who think that they have to be as low as possible and want to do volume work that they don’t have the time to do the job right because they have to go on to the next “customer”.  This type of company likes to get in and out quickly, can’t afford to get the proper equipment, training or education.  There is room for all types of cleaners in the world, with different business practices and models!  There are low, middle and high end cleaners…. you have to figure out what type of cleaner is right for you!

Our company has always given top notch service, we never rush to get done and usually only book 1 – 2 jobs per day so that we can pay attention to details, have the World’s Largest, Most Powerful Cleaning Machine (the Big Bear Truck), are trained to the highest level in the industry (Certified Master Textile Cleaners) and continue our education, keep up to date with technology & training, buy the best products (believe in being an eco-friendly company & buy “green” products), use things like corner guards to protect your doors/walls, put down blankets on the floors so that we do not scratch them, use eco shoe covers, never leak oil in your driveway…. and so many more things that I could write a book about… ha!  We care about our clients and their homes and never want to do anything but make them better when we leave… fresh clean carpet!!!!  Our truck and the way we clean allows us to use extreme heats when needed, use green products which is great for people with chemical sensitivities, allergies, asthma or just want safe products used in their home and we leave the carpet dry to the touch before we ever leave… so if you are looking for a company that believes in giving clients the quality service they deserve, never sacrificing quality &  are not looking for the lowest price then we would be the right company for you!   You will be amazed!