Shop small business Saturday 2014!


Think BIG …. but Shop SMALL!!! It’s Small Business Saturday!    Next month we will be celebrating our 21st Year in Business…..small business that is…Family owned and operated!

We appreciate our clients and are thankful for their support over the past 21 yrs! 


Shop small business Saturday 2014 and every day!  Don’t just support the small businesses one day a year make it a part of your search when you need professional services throughout the year!

Our services include:

Eco~Green Carpet Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Leather Cleaning

Fine Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning

Pet Oops! Cleaning ~ Urine & Odor Removal

Mattress Cleaning

Allergy Relief Cleaning

Hardwood Floor Refinishing ~ Dustless & Odorless (No Sanding)

Hardwood Floor Intensive Floor Cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning and Sealing


Christopher & Anita



Big Bear Floor Care is owned and operated by Billy, Audra and Christopher Hicks.  We are trusted in the homes and businesses of clients who want the ultimate service and know they can trust us to clean even when they are not there.  We love our clients and want to do the Best work on every job, so we never rush in and out because we care about the work we perform.  We are a small business and not the “cheapest” cleaner.  We want our clients to be happy with the end result so we never lower our standards of cleaning to give the cheap prices ~ you definitely get what you pay for in our industry!



I have heard many clients say that they think hard surface floors, whether tile or hardwood floors, are much cleaner and don’t have the germs that carpet has.  That is so far from the truth….and we clean them all so we are not biased on carpet!  Carpet does act like a filter and if you use it without doing proper maintenance then it can hold a lot of dirt, among other things.  But, hard surface floors are dirty too, if not dirtier than carpet.  Most tend to neglect hardwood floors and tile until it looks bad, which has waited too long, just like with carpet when you see “worn” areas.  Point is, everything requires maintenance and no matter what type of flooring you have it will still have the same dirt & traffic on it that you normally have in your home.  Hard surfaces have bacteria, dust and dirt as well as carpet.  Just do the maintenance it needs, before it looks bad to keep it looking good and lasting longer.  It’s all about personal preference!  Some people prefer hardwood floors, but then have rugs to give them the warm and fuzzy feeling they usually get with carpet.  Some like tile or stone and a mixture of flooring throughout the house.  We can clean it all!

Our busy time of year is already starting. Now is the time to start either getting your home cleaned for the holidays & book your appointments, even if it is a few weeks away! We look forward to servicing you for all of your cleaning needs….. carpet, upholstery & leather, rugs, tile & grout, hardwood floors, mattresses, Pet Oops! Care…including urine, vomit, feces & odors! Call today to See What The Big Bear Truck Can Do For YOU!!!

Written by: Audra Hicks with Big Bear Floor Care

When you are looking for a professional carpet cleaning company you shouldn’t be motivated by just price.  There are some people that shop that way and you just have to understand that you get what you pay for…sometimes more or less, depending on the company.  Our industry is not regulated so there are all kinds of service companies.  Some will bait you in with a price, never intending to honor it, then you don’t find out until they arrive that it was only for using water with a portable machine.  Those are called bait and switch companies, which you find in every industry, not just the carpet cleaning industry.  There are so many unscrupulous, uneducated cleaners, who think that they have to be as low as possible and want to do volume work that they don’t have the time to do the job right because they have to go on to the next “customer”.  This type of company likes to get in and out quickly, can’t afford to get the proper equipment, training or education.  There is room for all types of cleaners in the world, with different business practices and models!  There are low, middle and high end cleaners…. you have to figure out what type of cleaner is right for you!

Our company has always given top notch service, we never rush to get done and usually only book 1 – 2 jobs per day so that we can pay attention to details, have the World’s Largest, Most Powerful Cleaning Machine (the Big Bear Truck), are trained to the highest level in the industry (Certified Master Textile Cleaners) and continue our education, keep up to date with technology & training, buy the best products (believe in being an eco-friendly company & buy “green” products), use things like corner guards to protect your doors/walls, put down blankets on the floors so that we do not scratch them, use eco shoe covers, never leak oil in your driveway…. and so many more things that I could write a book about… ha!  We care about our clients and their homes and never want to do anything but make them better when we leave… fresh clean carpet!!!!  Our truck and the way we clean allows us to use extreme heats when needed, use green products which is great for people with chemical sensitivities, allergies, asthma or just want safe products used in their home and we leave the carpet dry to the touch before we ever leave… so if you are looking for a company that believes in giving clients the quality service they deserve, never sacrificing quality &  are not looking for the lowest price then we would be the right company for you!   You will be amazed!



Now that Fall is here… so are allergies.  To help alleviate the symptoms you should have your indoors cleaning…. the carpet, upholstery, rugs and hard surfaces too.  This will also give you an early start to your Holiday cleaning so you can get prepared for your guests to arrive and enjoy your Holiday Parties.

There are so many price ranges in our industry. Have you ever heard of “You get what you pay for”? Well that rings true in the carpet cleaning industry. Many cleaners are still charging what they did in the 70′s. Since our industry is not regulated so many jump into our industry & undercut everyone, run their equipment all day for nothing, don’t have insurance or can’t afford it, are uneducated, bait n switch (low price then when they get there price jumps), use inferior equipment & just simply don’t have the knowledge it takes to clean. The list goes on & on…so that’s where we come in. We have been in business for now 16 yrs. & as soon as we started began going to our Industry Related Certification Classes/Schools to regulate our company. We are all 3 Certified Master Cleaners which is the highest level trained…and attend our C.E.C. Courses to stay up to date on our training. We believe that if we stay on top of our education, give our clients the best in quality of service, have the latest equipment & treat our clients right then we can sleep at night knowing that we have done the best job we can! We can only do 1- 2 jobs a day to be able to produce the quality that we do where other companies can do more, even up to 12 – 14 jobs a day. We believe in quality NOT quantity!


Written by: Audra Hicks with Big Bear Floor Care

Image this… You walk in the front door of your home to see beautifully shiny hardwood floors with your oriental rugs on top to give your house that warm feeling & adds another dimension. Then, you go to the kitchen to put your groceries up and notice that the tile & grout is just stunningly clean. As you make your way up the stairs, feeling the soft & fuzzy carpet between your toes, you smell that fresh clean smell in the air, not the dirty, dusty smell you had that morning. Then, the carpet in your bedroom looks like new again after the beating it took over the Summer, not to mention the doggy urine spots are gone. While eating dinner in the Family Room your kids say Mom, where are all the spots? Then you tell them please don’t spill anything, but if you do we have Bear Tracks Spot Remover, compliments of the Hicks! While you sleep at night you wake up refreshed because your mattress was cleaned & allergy treated by Big Bear Floor Care! Do you want this experience at your home? You can have that Feeling of Clean, Fresh Carpet, Upholstery, Rugs, Mattresses, Hardwood & Tile at your home too! And that doggy smell can be gone so you can enjoy getting in the floor to play with the kids again… call today to See What the Big Bear Truck Can Do For You!!! You will experience the most thorough cleaning ever! :)


Written by: Audra Hicks with Big Bear Floor Care


The way to reduce your indoor allergens is to reduce the proteins that make your allergic.

Here are a few steps:

Do not allow your pet to come into your bedroom because that is where you spend a lot of your time.

Get your mattress, carpet, upholstery & rugs cleaned on a regular basis to reduce the proteins that cause your allergies.

Vacuum regularly using a Hepa filtration.

Change your air filters at least monthly.

Launder your sheets, pet beds/blankets, throw blankets, etc. once a week in hot water.



Written by: Audra Hicks with Big Bear Floor Care

A Clean House is a Healthy Home…..
We live in a world that has a lot of pollutants outdoors and indoors. Pollutants can be anywhere and we bring them inside our homes too. One way to help reduce them is to have your carpets, rugs & upholstery cleaned on a regular basis…and always vacuum with a Hepa Vacuum! If you are not using a Hepa then you are releasing the allergens back out into the home as you vacuum. Use products in your home that are eco-friendly…so when you are dusting & cleaning you are not introducing more contaminants into the home. Change your filter in your air conditioner on a monthly basis…just because it says “up to 3 months” doesn’t mean that it needs to stay in until that last day. Look at your air filter each month to see. We were told by the air conditioner guys to not spend the money on the pleated, 3 month, allergy filters because they are not good on an air conditioning system and can make them not last as long by restricting the air flow. So we change it out once a month and our new thermostat that we bought reminds us when it needs to be changed. In the Fall we are tempted to open windows to let the air come in, but it is better for people with allergies not to do that because the outdoor allergies will then be in your home. Wash your bedding and pet bedding at least once a week in HOT water. And it is good to get your mattress cleaned on a regular basis for people who are allergic to dust mites. Hope this gives you some ideas on having a healthier home!!!

Written by: Audra Hicks with Big Bear Floor Care