Mattress Cleaning Nashville TN

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Don't spend thousands on replacing your mattress when you can have it cleaned! Big Bear Floor Care of Nashville is Nasvhille's Premiere Carpet & Upholstery cleaning company and we specialize in mattress cleaning to give our client's be best possible sleep!

Our clients sleep better and wake up revitalized after getting their mattress cleaned and allergy treatments applied. A dust mite will produce 20 - 100 fecal pellets per day. A female dust mite will also lay 100 eggs during its approximate 10 week life span. During the night, most people toss and turn up to 60-70 times. This expels dust mite feces into the air from bedding and pillows. These allergens can then stay in the air for up to 2 hours. Once airborne, these potent allergens are inhaled. That can cause allergic illness, stimulating allergic reactions and asthma attacks in those who already have reactions, or creating asthma attacks in those who already have developed an allergic disease. Other activities such as walking on unclean carpet, vacuuming (with most household vacuums) or changing bed linens can easily stir up dust mite allergens.

Mattresses should be cleaned and treated at least every 6 months. Dust mites repeat their cycle so as soon as you start to shed skin cells the cycle starts over again. But we can help denature dust mite feces for up to 4-6 months by cleaning your mattresses and applying an Anti-Allergy Relief Treatment to them. This is why you should have us thoroughly clean and treat your mattresses at least every 6 months to keep allergies at bay and to ensure a good night's sleep.

We also clean mattresses for a number of other reasons too! Sometimes because of urine, odors or a mattress has been in storage for a while, so we are called to clean because of the dust. Since you have to sleep on your mattress you want it to be clean and free of allergens, urine and odors. We only use products that are safe for you to sleep on & are made for the cleaning of mattresses!

Before we arrive to clean your mattress(es), please complete the following steps.

  1. Remove all linens from bed, including skirting.
  2. Launder them in hot water. We have an Anti-allergy Relief Laundry Treatment that you can use in your laundry to keep allergens at bay. Let us know if you want to purchase this product so that we have it available for you.
  3. Please take all breakables and personal items off night stands; clear the area around the bed to give us easy access to all sides of the bed.

Our Mattress Cleaning Steps:

  1. Pre-Inspection- We thoroughly inspect the mattress for any stains, tears, etc. & ask client about any concerns.
  2. Pre-Vacuuming- We thoroughly vacuum all sides of mattress with a True Hepa Backpack Vacuum.
  3. Pre-Spray- We treat all areas with an approved Anti-Allergen Pre-Spray and allow adequate dwell time.
  4. Agitation- We use a horse-hair brush over the entire surface; this helps work the solution into the mattress and helps work on stains.
  5. Rinsing- We rinse all areas with an Anti-Allergen All Fiber Rinse.
  6. Deodorization- Not all mattresses require deodorization. If there is any malodor then we would treat with our ResponsibleCare Anti-Allergen Deodorizer that breaks down the cell walls of malodors into harmless component parts. This step is usually needed for such odors as urine or human sweat.
  7. Allergy Relief Treatment – The Allergy Relief Treatment is applied to mattress to help denature dust mite feces.
  8. Mattress Turning- Generally, mattresses require turning every six months; we can do this for you with your regularly scheduled maintenance.
  9. Protector- Protector is then applied to mattresses if needed.
  10. Speed Drying – The mattress is usually taken off bed and leaned up against a wall to dry, using foam blocks to keep it off wall, then put back in place.

Mattress & Allergy Relief Cleaning Nashville TN