Shop small business Saturday 2014!


Think BIG …. but Shop SMALL!!! It’s Small Business Saturday!    Next month we will be celebrating our 21st Year in Business…..small business that is…Family owned and operated!

We appreciate our clients and are thankful for their support over the past 21 yrs! 


Shop small business Saturday 2014 and every day!  Don’t just support the small businesses one day a year make it a part of your search when you need professional services throughout the year!

Our services include:

Eco~Green Carpet Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Leather Cleaning

Fine Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning

Pet Oops! Cleaning ~ Urine & Odor Removal

Mattress Cleaning

Allergy Relief Cleaning

Hardwood Floor Refinishing ~ Dustless & Odorless (No Sanding)

Hardwood Floor Intensive Floor Cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning and Sealing


Christopher & Anita



Big Bear Floor Care is owned and operated by Billy, Audra and Christopher Hicks.  We are trusted in the homes and businesses of clients who want the ultimate service and know they can trust us to clean even when they are not there.  We love our clients and want to do the Best work on every job, so we never rush in and out because we care about the work we perform.  We are a small business and not the “cheapest” cleaner.  We want our clients to be happy with the end result so we never lower our standards of cleaning to give the cheap prices ~ you definitely get what you pay for in our industry!




The way to reduce your indoor allergens is to reduce the proteins that make your allergic.

Here are a few steps:

Do not allow your pet to come into your bedroom because that is where you spend a lot of your time.

Get your mattress, carpet, upholstery & rugs cleaned on a regular basis to reduce the proteins that cause your allergies.

Vacuum regularly using a Hepa filtration.

Change your air filters at least monthly.

Launder your sheets, pet beds/blankets, throw blankets, etc. once a week in hot water.



Written by: Audra Hicks with Big Bear Floor Care

Did you know that one of the most allergy ridden areas in your home besides the dirty carpet is your MATTRESS?  Yes, that is right most people neglect to ever get them cleaned and if you have allergies it would be one of the first things to get cleaned, along with your bedroom carpet since you spend more time there….And it is Where you sleep! If you wake up and feel tired, stuffy noses, itchy, watery eyes then that would be one thing to get cleaned and have an Allergy Treatment applied. You may be allergic to the dust mite poop…I know it sounds gross, but it’s true!